Deployment Example 1: Access Manager 7.0 Load Balancing, Distributed Authentication UI, and Session Failover

ProcedureTo Create a User Data Store Instance on Directory Server 2

  1. As a root user log in to the Directory Server 2 host.

  2. Run the netstat command to be sure the that the Directory Server administration port is open.

    # cd /var/opt/mps/serverroot

    # netstat —an | grep 1391

    * 1390			*.*			0			0 49152			0 LISTEN

    If the administration server is not running, start it now:

    # ./start-admin

  3. Start the Directory Server console.

    # ./startconsole &

  4. Log in to the Directory Server console using the following information:


    cn=Directory Manager



    Administration URL

  5. Expand the domain, the DirectoryServer-2.example.comnode, and the Server Group object.

    You should see three Directory Server objects: an Administration Server, Directory Server (ds-config), and Directory Server (am-config).

  6. Right-click the Server Group object, and choose “Create Instance Of.”

    Choose Sun Java System Directory Server.

  7. In the Create New Instance dialog, provide the following information and then click OK:

    Server Identifier:


    Network port:


    Base suffix:


    Directory Manager DN:

    cn=Directory Manager

    Directory Manager Password:


    Confirm password:


    Server Runtime (UNIX) user ID:


    In the navigation tree, the new instance Directory Server (am-users) is added to the Server Group list.

  8. In the navigation tree, click the Directory Server (am-users) to open its console.

    Verify that the Server status indicates “Started.”

  9. Click Open, then click the Directory tab.

    In the node, you should see the new user data store base suffix dc=company,dc=com .