Deployment Example 1: Access Manager 7.0 Load Balancing, Distributed Authentication UI, and Session Failover

ProcedureTo Create Replication Agreements on Directory Server 1

  1. On DirectoryServer-1, in the Directory Server console, display the general properties for the Directory Server instance named am-users .

    Navigate through the tree in the left panel to find the Directory Server instance named am-users, and click on the instance name to display its general properties.

  2. Click the Open button to display the console for managing the am-users instance.

  3. Click the Configuration tab and navigate to the Replication pane.

    1. Expand the Data node.

    2. Expand the node for the suffix you want to be a master replica.

      In this example, double-click the suffix dc=company,dc=com.

    3. Click Replication.

  4. Click the New button.

  5. In the Replication Agreement dialog box, click the Other button.

  6. In the Remote Server dialog box, provide the following information, and then click OK.




    Secure Port

    Leave this box unmarked.

  7. In the Replication Agreement dialog, for the distinguished name (DN) of the replication manager entry on the consumer server, accept the default value.

    By default, the DN is that of the default replication manager.

  8. For the password of the replication manager, enter replm4n4ger.

  9. (Optional) Provide a description string for this agreement.

    For this example, enter Replication from DirectoryServer-1 to DirectoryServer-2.

  10. Click OK when done.

  11. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes to test the connection to the server and port number.

    Use the given replication manager and password replm4n4ger.

    If the connection fails, you will still have the option of using this agreement. For example, the parameters are correct but the server is offline. When you have finished, the agreement appears in the list of replication agreements for this master replica.