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Sun Java System Message Queue 3 2005Q4 Technical Overview 

Appendix B
Message Queue Features

The Message Queue service fully implements the JMS 1.1 specification for reliable, asynchronous, flexible message delivery For information about JMS compliance-related issues, see Appendix A, "Message Queue Implementation of Optional JMS Functionality." However, Message Queue has capabilities and features that exceed JMS requirements. You can use these features to integrate and monitor systems consisting of large numbers of distributed components exchanging many thousands of messages in round-the-clock, mission-critical operations.

This book has introduced these features in the process of describing the Message Queue service. For your convenience, this appendix provides a summary of Message Queue features: each feature is briefly described, the work required to use the feature is summarized, and references are provided to sections in this book that introduce these features and to the specific documents in the Message Queue documentation set that describe these features in detail.

Message Queue’s features, listed alphabetically in Table B-1, can be roughly divided into the categories shown below.

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