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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 Installation Guide

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Document Information

Which Install To Choose

Sun OpenDS Standard Edition System Requirements

Getting the Software

Installing the Directory Server

Installing the Proxy Server

Configuring the JVM, Java Options, and Database Cache

Starting and Stopping Your Server Instance

Managing the Server as a Service

Uninstalling the Directory Server

Uninstalling the Proxy

To Uninstall the Proxy Using vdp-uninstall GUI

To Uninstall the Proxy Using the CLI

To Uninstall by Using the CLI with No Prompt

To Uninstall the Proxy Using vdp-uninstall GUI

GUI mode is the default and recommended uninstall option. The GUI provides an easy interface for removing a directory server installation.

  1. Go to the Sun OpenDS Standard Edition installation directory.
  2. Type vdp-uninstall to launch the graphical uninstaller.
    (UNIX, Linux) $ vdp-uninstall
    (Windows) C:\> vdp-uninstall.bat
  3. Check that the path of your proxy installation is correct.

    If the path is not the path of the Sun OpenDS Standard Edition proxy that you wish to uninstall, then vdp-uninstall has been launched from the wrong installation directory.

  4. Leave all the items you want to uninstall selected.

    Note - Even if you choose to remove all the components, the lib directory will not be removed. You must remove the lib directory manually.

  5. Click Uninstall.
  6. Confirm that you want to stop the server.