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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 Architectural Reference

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Document Information

1.  Introduction

2.  The Directory Server Access Control Model

3.  Understanding the Directory Server Schema

4.  Directory Server Index Databases

Kinds of Indexes

Attribute Equality Index

Attribute Presence Index

Attribute Substring Index

Attribute Ordering Index

Index Entry Limit

Search Evaluation

5.  Understanding Directory Server Plug-Ins

6.  Directory Server Replication

7.  Directory Server Root Users and the Privilege Subsystem

8.  Supported Controls and Operations

Chapter 4

Directory Server Index Databases

Index databases enable search requests on a directory to be processed efficiently. The children and subtree system indexes are dedicated to processing one-level and subtree search scopes respectively. Additional attribute indexes are configured as needed to process components of a search filter. Each record in an index database maps a key to an Entry ID List.

The following sections describe the index databases and the search evaluation process: