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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 Architectural Reference

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Document Information

1.  Introduction

2.  The Directory Server Access Control Model

3.  Understanding the Directory Server Schema

4.  Directory Server Index Databases

Kinds of Indexes

Attribute Equality Index

Attribute Presence Index

Attribute Substring Index

Attribute Ordering Index

Index Entry Limit

Search Evaluation

5.  Understanding Directory Server Plug-Ins

6.  Directory Server Replication

7.  Directory Server Root Users and the Privilege Subsystem

8.  Supported Controls and Operations

Index Entry Limit

The index entry limit is a configuration limit that can be used to control the maximum number of entries that is allowed to match any given index key (that is, the maximum size of an ID list). This provides a mechanism for limiting the performance impact for maintaining index keys that match a large percentage of the entries in the server. In cases where large ID lists might be required, performing an unindexed search can often be faster than one that is indexed.