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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 Deployment Planning Guide

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1.  Overview of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition

2.  Overview of the Directory Server

3.  Overview of the Proxy Server

4.  Building Blocks of the Proxy Server

Overview of the Proxy Server

Network Groups


Workflow Element

Load Balancing Using the Proxy

Proportional Load Balancing

Failover Load Balancing

Saturation Load Balancing

Data Distribution Using the Proxy

Numeric Distribution

Lexico Distribution

DN Pattern Distribution

Global Index Catalog

5.  Example Deployments Using the Directory Server

6.  Example Deployments Using the Proxy Server

7.  Simple Proxy Deployments Using the Command Line Interface

8.  Deploying Advanced Proxy Architectures

Lexico Distribution

With a distribution using lexico algorithm, the Sun OpenDS Standard Edition proxy forwards requests to one of the partitions, based on the alphabetical value of the first RDN after the distribution base DN in the request. When you set up distribution with lexico algorithm in Sun OpenDS Standard Edition proxy, you split the data of your database into different partitions, based on an alphabetical value of the attribute of your choice. The Sun OpenDS Standard Edition proxy then forwards all client requests to the appropriate partition, using the same algorithm.

For example, you could split your data into two partitions based on the cn of the entries, as illustrated in Figure 4-8.

Figure 4-8
Lexico Distribution Example
Lexico distribution over two partitions, based on alphabetical entries using cn.

In this example, any requests for an entry with a cn starting with B such as Ben are sent to Partition 1, while requests for an entry with a cn from M–Y are sent to Partition 2.

Note - The upper boundary limit of a distribution algorithm is exclusive. This means that a search for cn= Zachary in the example above will indicate that no such entry is found. In order to include entries starting with Z in the search boundaries, then you should use the unlimited keyword. For example, cn=[M..unlimited[ will include all entries beyond M.

Example 4-5
Examples of Searches Using Lexico Distribution Algorithm

The following search will be successful:

$ ldapsearch -b "cn=Ben,ou=people,cn=example,cn=com" "objectclass=*"

The following search will also be successful, as cn=Ben is the first RDN.

$ ldapsearch -b "uid=1010,cn=Ben,ou=people,cn=example,cn=com" "objectclass=*"

However, the following searches will indicate that the entry does not exist (with result code 32):

$ ldapsearch -b "cn=Ben,o=admin,ou=people,cn=example,cn=com" "objectclass=*"
$ ldapsearch -b "cn=Zach,ou=people,cn=example,cn=com" "objectclass=*"

The following search cannot be determined by the distribution to which partition it belongs and will be broadcast:

$ ldapsearch -b "ou=people,cn=example,cn=com" "cn=*"