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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 Deployment Planning Guide

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1.  Overview of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition

2.  Overview of the Directory Server

3.  Overview of the Proxy Server

4.  Building Blocks of the Proxy Server

5.  Example Deployments Using the Directory Server

Small Replicated Topology

The Role of Directory Servers in a Topology

The Role of Replication Servers in a Topology

Multiple Data Center Topology

Multiple Data Centers and Replication Groups

Multiple Data Centers and the Window Mechanism

6.  Example Deployments Using the Proxy Server

7.  Simple Proxy Deployments Using the Command Line Interface

8.  Deploying Advanced Proxy Architectures

The Role of Directory Servers in a Topology

Directory servers are responsible for the following tasks:

When a change is made on a directory server, that server forwards the change to a selected replication server. The replication server then replays the change to other replication servers in the topology, which in turn replay the change to all other directory servers in the topology.

Each directory server contains the following items:

Applications should typically perform reads and writes on the same directory server instance. This prevents those applications from experiencing consistency problems due to loose consistency.