Sun Java System Directory Editor 1 2005Q1 Release Notes

Sun Java™ System Directory Editor
Release Notes

Version 1 2005Q1

Part Number 819-2192

These Release Notes contain important information available at the time of release of Sun Java™ System Directory Editor 1 2005Q1. New features and enhancements, known issues and limitations, and other information are addressed here. Read this document before you begin using Directory Editor 1 2005Q1.

The most up-to-date version of these release notes can be found at the Sun Java™ System documentation web site: Check the web site prior to installing and setting up your software and then periodically thereafter to view the most up-to-date release notes and product documentation.

These release notes contain the following sections:

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Release Notes Revision History

Table 1  Revision History 


Description of Changes

March 18, 2005

1 2005Q1 product release

February 3, 2005

SP1 product release

November 22, 2004

Initial release of these release notes

October 26, 2004

Initial Beta release.

About Directory Editor 1 2005Q1

Directory Editor is a J2EE-based web application that enables you to quickly and easily manage your directory data.

Directory Editor:

This section includes:

What’s New in this Release

This section contains the following information:

New Features

New features in Directory Editor 1 2005Q1 include:

Performance Enhancements

The performance enhancements in Directory Editor 1 2005Q1 include:

Documentation Changes

The following significant changes were made to the Sun Java™ System Directory Editor Installation and Configuration Guide for the Directory Editor 1 2005Q1 release:

Supported Software Environments

This section lists the software and environments that are compatible with Directory Editor:

Operating Systems

Directory Editor is compatible with the following operating systems:

Application Servers

Directory Editor supports any application server that supports Servlet 2.2 or later and JRE 1.4 or later, but Directory Editor operates most efficiently with the following application servers:


Directory Editor is compatible with the following browsers:

Directory Servers

You must use Directory Editor with Sun Java™ System Directory Server version 5.0 or later, which provides enhanced functionality and optimal performance.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

The following table describes the bugs fixed in Directory Editor 1 2005Q1:

Table 2  Bugs Fixed in Directory Editor 1 2005Q1

Bug Number



Exceptions generated from searches are not always reported in GUI


Single-valued form fields should automatically upgrade to multi-valued fields


DocNeeded: Connector should allow connection pooling.


Error page results from trying to edit a group from the Search Results page


Home Tab no longer available


Documentation for server.policy changes needs to be refined


Cannot log to file on Windows


Need ability to define port number with host on Managed and Startup server pages


Cannot browse a entry with an "_" in the DN


Resize text on header display for user-friendly display of long DNs


Cannot manage groups in user when anonymous access to directory is disabled.


Does not support password policy “user must change password after reset”


“Password is expiring” warning is not shown anymore


Forms do not show operational attributes


Connector tries to form DNs from DNs when authenticating


Directory Editor does not follow LDAP referrals


Directory Editor fails to recognize Java Enterprise System Directory Server


Form editor does not load/save non-field objects


Change "New Form" so it does not require a structural object class


Anonymous access should never be used in any form for any search


Separate capability for Create

Important Information

This section contains the important information that is not contained in the Directory Editor product documentation. This section includes the following topics:

Compatibility Issues

You must install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4 or later, or problems may occur with your Directory Editor installation.

Directory Editor requires access to some privileged operations that the application server may not allow by default. You must edit the server.policy file for your application server and grant access to certain actions.

For detailed instructions, see Chapter 2 in the Sun Java™ System Directory Editor
1 2005Q1 Installation and Configuration Guide.

Running the Software in Your Environment

It is strongly recommended that you back-up existing directory data before installing Directory Editor. Follow your normal back-up procedures or use the procedures listed in the following document:


The Sun Java™ System Directory Editor product documentation is provided in the downloaded archive and on the web at These publications provide information about common installation, configuration, and customization scenarios.

Reinstalling or Upgrading Directory Editor

Before upgrading or reinstalling Directory Editor, you must uninstall the older product version first or the installer will not provide the de.war file needed to complete the installation process.

  1. If necessary, save your configuration.
  2. Run the Directory Editor uninstaller.
  3. Install (or reinstall) Directory Editor.

  4. Note

    For more detailed instructions, see the Sun Java™ System Directory Editor 1 2005Q1 Installation and Configuration Guide. In addition, be sure to read the “Before You Install” chapter provided in the Sun Java™ System Directory Editor Installation and Configuration Guide.

    Do not uninstall Directory Editor manually unless the Directory Editor uninstaller is not operational.

Known Issues and Limitations

This section contains a list of the known issues with Directory Editor 1 2005Q1:

Table 3  Known issues with Directory Editor 1 2005Q1

Defect ID



Because Virtual List View does not work in all conditions, there may be times when you want to disable the VLV functionality. For example, if you split your databases into multiple ldif files instead of a single ldif file (which increases the speed of directory accesses).


Memory leak/insufficient garbage collection can lead to out of memory error

Under stress, Directory Editor may run out of memory on some application servers.


Cannot change Directory Manager password from Directory Editor

You cannot change the Directory Manager password from Directory Editor.
Workaround: Use the directory console to change this special password.


The order in which object classes are added is backwards

Directory Editor reverses the order in which object classes are added for some objects.
For inetOrgPerson; the correct order is top, person, organizationalPerson, inetOrgPerson but the object classes are added as inetOrgPerson, organizationalPerson, person, top.


Need to clean up list of types for items in forms to only include those types that are supported.


XmlObjectFactory exceptions always printed to STDOUT on server start-up

At start-up, messages that start with XmlObjectFactory: Warning, unable to register class are printed. These messages are generated by an internal library for unused features and can be ignored.


Eliminate special cases for cn=directory manager

If you change the cn of the "directory manager" user, that user can no longer manage Directory Editor. To manage Directory Editor, log in as a user in the Manager group.


Support for Sun ONE Web Server 6.1 SP3

The Sun ONE Web Server 6.1 SP3 is not supported as an application container.

Workaround: To use Directory Editor with Sun ONE Web Server 6.1 SP3, install Directory Editor on the Sun Java™ System Application Server and use the Web Server as a front end.


Users created with multiple naming attributes cannot edit their directory entry


Misalignment of text boxes on Internet Explorer on the Group Edit page


Application will not deploy with validation enabled in the Sun Java™ System Application Server version 8


Escaped DNs’ escape characters should not be visible in UI

Currently, objects with characters that require escaping display with backslashes in the Edit Object page title. Special characters are single quotes, double quotes, and backslashes.


Activate Enable and Disable buttons for User objects only

Currently, the Enable and Disable buttons are active for all object types. These buttons should be disabled for non-user types.


Cannot remove or show members in a group that has not been saved


If you change the Manager group to an empty group, you cannot manage Directory Editor.

Add a member back to the Manager group to restore the functionality.


Auto-populate CN on User Quick Create tab

When you are creating a user on the Create Object page, Directory Editor does not calculate the cn until the page is refreshed.


Some attributes are not accessible without Forms customization

When you are editing an object, the only attributes that appear are those attributes that have fields defined in the form.

To display all attributes for an object, use the default form.


Edit page DN occasionally displays incorrect DN when multiple naming attributes are used

When an object's DN has multiple naming attributes, the Edit page sometimes shows an incorrect DN. For example, an entry with the DN uid=jjones+employeeNumber=1234,ou=People,dc=sun,dc=com might display in the Edit page as employeeNumber=1234+uid=jjones,ou=People,dc=sun,dc=com. This problem is just a display issue.


Changing the configuration user causes problems

If you change the identity of the configuration directory access user on the Startup Properties page, Directory Editor will not initialize and the following error message is displayed:

Failed to initialize configuration at '<naming context>

Modify the ACI on the ou=Services, ou=DE entry to allow access for the new access user.


Adding second value to multivalued naming attribute causes error


Clicking too quickly between the Search page tabs can cause a "Form already has been submitted" message


Running a basic search takes longer to run.

Add three substring indexes to the directory server on the uid, ou, and o attributes. In addition, substring indexes are also required on cn, sn, and mail but a default directory server installation should include these indexes automatically.

Redistributable Files

Sun Java™ System Directory Editor does not contain any files that you can redistribute.

How to Report Problems and Provide Feedback

If you have problems with Sun Java™ System Directory Editor, contact Sun customer support using one of the following mechanisms:

So that we can best assist you in resolving problems, please have the following information available when you submit a problem report using the preceding website:

Additional Sun Resources

Useful Sun Java™ System information can be found at the following Internet locations:

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