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Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array and Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Array Release Notes



New Features in This Release

New Instructions for Migrating From RAID Controller Firmware 3.2x to 4.x

Current NVRAM Version Displayed

Recently Added Clear Core Dump Firmware Menu Option

Consequences of Unsupported Configurations Minimized When Using More Than One Sun StorEdge Configuration Service Monitor Console (ssmon)

Previous Feature Changes in 4.1x RAID Controller Firmware and 2.x Software

Performance Implications of Migrating to Firmware Version 4.x

Optimization Mode and Stripe Size Features

Obtaining Current Software and Documentation

Release Documentation

Service Contact Information

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems and Software

Java Runtime Environment Requirements

Other Supported Software

Supported Platforms and Connection Methods

Supported FC Switches

Supported Disk Drives

Supported Cabinets

Supported Cables for Sun Systems

Standard Network Connectivity Practices


Installing Required Solaris Patches

Upgrading to Software Version 2.5 and Controller Firmware Version 4.2x

Downloading and Installing Software Applications

Downloading and Installing Firmware

Installing Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation Software

Downloading the VERITAS Volume Manager ASL

Known Issues

Known Issues Specific to Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Arrays