Sun Java System Message Queue 4.0 Release Notes

Known Issues and Limitations

This section contains a list of the known issues with Message Queue 4.0. The following product areas are covered:

For a list of current bugs, their status, and workarounds, Java Developer Connection™ members should see the Bug Parade page on the Java Developer Connection web site. Please check that page before you report a new bug. Although all Message Queue bugs are not listed, the page is a good starting place if you want to know whether a problem has been reported.

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Deprecated Password Option

In previous versions of Message Queue, you could use the —p or —password option to specify a password interactively for the following commands: imqcmd, imqbrokerd, and imdbmgr. Beginning with version 4.0, these options have been deprecated. You must furnish passwords as follows.

  1. Set the appropriate property to the desired password value in a file used to store only passwords.

    Use the following syntax to specify passwords in the password file.


  2. Pass the name of the password file using the —passfile option.

A password file can contain one or more of the passwords listed below.

In the following example, the password to the JDBC database is set to abracadabra.


You can configure the broker to use the password file you create in one of the following ways.

General Issues

This section covers general issues in Message Queue 4.0. Some of these were introduced with previous Message Queue versions.

The following issues affect both editions of the Message Queue 4.0 product.

JMX Issues

The following issues pertain to the use of the JMX API.

Administration/Configuration Issues

The following issues pertain to administration and configuration of Message Queue

Broker Issues

The following issues affect the Message Queue broker.