Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Building Master Index Custom Plug-ins (Repository)

In order for the custom plug-ins you create to become a part of the master index application, you must build the plug-in files. This compiles the Java code and incorporates it into the application files. Compiling errors for custom plug-ins are not written to a log. An error message trace appears on a console window alerting you to the errors that occurred.

ProcedureTo Build Custom Plug-ins

  1. In the master index project, right-click the Custom Plug-ins folder.

  2. Select Build from the context menu that appears.

    Note –

    If you modify a custom plug-in file after it has been checked in, be sure to check the file out before making any changes; otherwise, any changes will be lost when you try to save the file. Rebuild the plug-in after you save the changes, and then regenerate the application to incorporate the changes. Regenerating the application also rebuilds all custom plug-ins.