Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Creating Master Index Custom Plug-ins (Repository)

You create a custom plug-in by composing Java code into a custom plug-in file in NetBeans. When you create a custom plug-in, a file is automatically created for you with the first line already entered (package;).

ProcedureTo Create Custom Plug-ins

  1. In the Projects window, expand the master index project and then expand the master index application.

  2. For each source file that defines a custom plug-in, do the following:

    1. Right-click the Custom Plug-ins folder, and select New from the context menu that appears.

    2. Enter the name of the Java class you want to create and then click OK.

      The custom plug-in file appears in the NetBeans editor.

    3. Create the custom processing rules using Java code.

    4. Close and save the file.

  3. Build the custom plug-in files, as described under Building Master Index Custom Plug-ins (Repository).

  4. Specify the name of the class the master index application should call for the custom plug-in in the appropriate configuration file.