Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Step 7: Generate the Project Files (Repository)

Once you have named the application and configured the source systems, deployment environment, objects, and fields for the master index application, you need to generate the configuration files and database scripts. You have the option to create all additional project files at this time (such as the JAR files and OTDs) or to wait until you have customized the configuration files for the master index application. Review the configuration files to be sure the application is set up correctly for your data processing environment.

Note –

Modifying the configuration files is not covered in this document. For instructions on configuring a master index application, see Configuring Sun Master Indexes (Repository).

Figure 12 Generate Project Files

Figure shows the final window of the wizard.

ProcedureTo Generate the Configuration Files

  1. Complete Step 6: Define the Fields for Each Object (Repository).

  2. Verify that all of the information you have entered is complete and correct.

  3. To generate all application files for the project, select the check box at the bottom of the window. To generate them later, after reviewing the configuration files, leave this check box unchecked.

  4. On the Generate Configuration Files window, click Finish.

    The configuration files are generated, and are stored in the eGate Repository.

  5. Continue to Step 8: Review the Configuration Files (Repository).