United States Patient Solution Using MDM

United States Patient Solution Template

This topic provides the link to the United States Patient Solution template. The purpose is introduce you to the template, but not instruct you on how to use the template. For links to instructions on the various tasks when setting up your healthcare solution, see United States Patient Solution Uses.

To see the United States Patient Solution template, go to https://open-dm-mi.dev.java.net/docs/solutions/usa-patient.html.

As the social security number, SSN, is the major United States identifier of healthcare patients, it is included as one of the keys for block-search definitions and matches on the main USAPatient node in the template. The four matching keys for searches are:

The SSN is comprised of three sections: nine digits (social security number) that are divided by two hyphens using the format of nnn-nn-nnnn. All nine digits are important, although at times after the SSN has been recorded in the system only the last four digits are used for identity purposes when cross-referenced with other key identifiers.

In the template, only the USAPatient node contains mandatory variables. All the sub-nodes, for example Address and Contact, are optional.

Every effort has been made to make the template specific to the United States healthcare industry.

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