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Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2004Q2 Administration Guide  

List of Tables

Table 1-1 LDIF File 1
Table 1-2 LDIF File 2
Table 3-1 Browser Platform Recommendations
Table 3-2 Configuring Application-Wide Parameters in
Table 3-3 Configuring Application-Wide Parameters in
Table 3-4 Mail Server Parameters
Table 3-5 LDAP Auth Filter Parameters
Table 3-6 LDAP User Group Parameters
Table 3-7 Identity Server Parameters
Table 3-8 User Lookup Parameters
Table 3-9 Calendar Server Parameters
Table 3-10 Personal Address Book Personal Store Parameters
Table 3-11 Corporate Directory Parameters
Table 4-1 Configure UWC Specific Parameters to Access Messenger Express using the Identity Server Session
Table 4-2 Configure Messenger Express Specific Parameters in Messaging Sever configuration, to enable UWC users access Messenger Express using the Identity Server session
Table 4-3 Configure Mail Specific Parameters in File
Table 4-4 Configure Messenger Express parameters in Messaging Server configuration to Enable UWC Users Access Messenger Express Using Messaging SSO
Table 4-5 Common UWC Specific Parameters set when Communications Express is configured
Table 6-1 Configurable Parameters in File
Table 7-1 Default User Preferences in File
Table 7-2 Default Calendar Preferences in File
Table 7-3 Default Address Book Preferences in File
Table 7-4 Configuration Settings Stored in File
Table 7-5 Customizable Settings Stored in the Theme File
Table 8-1 Field Mapping for Contacts
Table 8-2 Field Mapping for Groups
Table 8-3 Parameters Configurable for PAB Migration in
Table 8-4 PAB Migration Email Parameters

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