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Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2004Q2 Customization Guide 

Chapter 8
Customizing Options

The common components present in Communications Express are banner, application bar, and the application options tab bar. The Communications Express Options screen, enables access to the subscriber’s account summary, personal information, password, settings, appearance, vacation message, and mail filters, all of which can be customized. Communications Express allows you to customize these components and the overall layout and look and feel of the client.

You can modify the following Options:

Customizing Options tab

To change the UI of options button, the functions getToggle() and toggleFrameHTML() need to be modified

The following .jsp files need to be modified for customization:

The files pertaining to customizing the global options window are the following.



While changing the password, this code displays an alert message if the user leaves the current password field blank.

Code Example 8-1 shows the code displays an alert message if the user leaves the current password field blank.

Code Example 8-1  Code that throws an alert when the user enters an empty current password

Password entered is null or blank"/>");


Code Example 8-2 shows how to customize the Alert message.

Code Example 8-2  Customizing Alert message

Edit <install-root>/WEB-INF/domain/<domain-name>/<locale>/


uwc-common-error-null-current-password=Current Password entered is null or blank


uwc-common-error-null-current-password=Cannot Accept empty password!

and change this code.

Code Example 8-3 shows the code after customizing the Alert message

Code Example 8-3  Code Displaying Customized Alert message

function handlePasswordChange(typeOfSubmission)


document.UserPreferencesPasswordMain.submissionType.value = typeOfSubmission;

var curPass = document.UserPreferencesPasswordMain.elements["UserPreferencesPassword.Curr entPassword"].value;

if((null == curPass) || ("" == curPass)) {

window.alert("<jato:getModelFieldValue modelClass="com.sun.uwc.common.model.UWCResourceBundleModel" modelName="i18nModel" lookInSession="true" name="uwc-common-error-null-current-password" defaultValue="Cannot Accept empty password!"/>");



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