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Sun Java System Messenger Express 2004Q2 Customization Guide 

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 Sun Java System Messenger Express Inbox Screen
Figure 1-2 Messenger Express Message Screen
Figure 1-3 Messenger Express Folders Screen
Figure 1-4 Messenger Express Options Screen
Figure 1-5 Messenger Express Composition Window
Figure 1-6 Message Search Window
Figure 2-1 Messenger Express Login Screen.
Figure 2-2 Example Login Screen Modifications
Figure 2-3 Messenger Express Color Sets
Figure 2-4 Example Color Sets Modifications
Figure 2-5 Messenger Express Corner Logo and Link
Figure 2-6 Example Corner Logo
Figure 2-7 Messenger Express Title Text
Figure 2-8 Example Title Text Modification
Figure 2-9 Example Inserting Common Banner and Link
Figure 2-10 Example Inserting a Banner and Link in the Inbox Screen
Figure 3-1 Messenger Express Main Function Tabs, With Default Labels
Figure 3-2 Example Main Function Tabs Modifications
Figure 3-3 Messenger Express Mailbox Tool Bar
Figure 3-4 Example Mailbox Tool Bar Modifications
Figure 3-5 Messenger Express Message List Window
Figure 3-6 Example Message List Window Modifications
Figure 3-7 Messenger Express Message Display Window
Figure 3-8 Example Message Display Window Modifications
Figure 3-9 Messenger Express Message Tool Bar
Figure 3-10 Example Message Tool Bar Modifications
Figure 3-11 Messenger Express Message Composition Window
Figure 3-12 Example Message Composition Window Modifications
Figure 3-13 Message Search Window
Figure 3-14 Message Search Window With Changes
Figure 3-15 Message View Window with the Tool bar Modifications
Figure 3-16 Messenger Express Address Window
Figure 3-17 Example Address (Directory Lookup) Window Modifications
Figure 3-18 Messenger Express Options Window
Figure 3-19 Example Options Window Modifications
Figure 3-20 Messenger Express Folders Window
Figure 3-21 Example Folders Window Modifications

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