Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Launch SunPlex Manager

Follow this procedure to start SunPlex Manager on your cluster.

  1. Do you intend to access SunPlex Manager by using the cluster node root user name and password rather than set up a different user name and password?

    • If yes, go to Step 5.

    • If no, go to Step 3 to set up SunPlex Manager user accounts.

  2. Become superuser on a cluster node.

  3. Create a user account to access the cluster through SunPlex Manager.

    You use the useradd(1M) command to add a user account to the system. You must set up at least one user account to access SunPlex Manager if you do not use the root system account. SunPlex Manager user accounts are used only by SunPlex Manager. They do not correspond to any Solaris system user accounts. Creating and assigning an RBAC role to a user account is described in more detail in Creating and Assigning an RBAC Role With a Sun Cluster Management Rights Profile.

    Note –

    Users who do not have a user account set up on a particular node cannot access the cluster through SunPlex Manager from that node, nor can users manage that node through another cluster node to which the users do have access.

  4. (Optional) Repeat Step 3 to set up additional user accounts.

  5. From the administrative console or any other machine outside the cluster, launch a browser.

  6. Ensure that the browser's disk and memory cache sizes are set to a value that is greater than 0.

  7. From the browser, connect to the SunPlex Manager port on one node of the cluster.

    The default port number is 6789.