Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Check the Status of the Public Network

You can also accomplish this procedure by using the SunPlex Manager GUI. See the SunPlex Manager online help for more information.

You do not need to be logged in as superuser to perform this procedure.

To check the status of the IP Network Multipathing groups, use the scstat(1M) command.


    Check the status of cluster components.

    % scstat -i

Example 1–5 Checking the Public Network Status

The following example provides a sample of status information for cluster components returned by scstat -i.

% scstat -i
-- IPMP Groups --
              Node Name         Group   	 Status         Adapter   Status
              ---------         -----   	 ------         -------   ------
  IPMP Group: phys-schost-1     sc_ipmp1 	 Online         qfe2      Online

  IPMP Group: phys-schost-1     sc_ipmp0 	 Online         qfe1      Online

  IPMP Group: phys-schost-2     sc_ipmp1 	 Online         qfe2      Online

  IPMP Group: phys-schost-2     sc_ipmp0 	 Online         qfe1      Online