Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to View the Cluster Configuration

You can also accomplish this procedure by using the SunPlex Manager GUI. See the SunPlex Manager online help for more information.

You do not need to be logged in as superuser to perform this procedure.


    View the cluster configuration

    % scconf -p

    To display more information using the scconf command, use the verbose options. See the scconf(1M) man page for details.

Example 1–6 Viewing the Cluster Configuration

The following example lists the cluster configuration.

% scconf -p
Cluster name:                       cluster-1
Cluster ID:                         0x3908EE1C
Cluster install mode:               disabled
Cluster private net:      
Cluster private netmask:  
Cluster new node authentication:    unix
Cluster new node list:              <NULL - Allow any node>
Cluster nodes:                      phys-schost-1 phys-schost-2 phys-schost-3
Cluster node name:                                 phys-schost-1
  Node ID:                                         1
  Node enabled:                                    yes
  Node private hostname:                           clusternode1-priv
  Node quorum vote count:                          1
  Node reservation key:                            0x3908EE1C00000001
  Node transport adapters:                         hme1 qfe1 qfe2
Node transport adapter:                          hme1
    Adapter enabled:                               yes
    Adapter transport type:                        dlpi
    Adapter property:                              device_name=hme
    Adapter property:                              device_instance=1
    Adapter property:                              dlpi_heartbeat_timeout=10000
Cluster transport junctions:                       hub0 hub1 hub2
Cluster transport junction:                        hub0
  Junction enabled:                                yes
  Junction type:                                   switch
  Junction port names:                             1 2 3 4
Junction port:                                   1
    Port enabled:                                  yes
Junction port:                                   2
    Port enabled:                                  yes
Cluster transport cables
                    Endpoint            Endpoint        State
                    --------            --------        -----
  Transport cable:  phys-schost-1:hme1@0 hub0@1        Enabled
  Transport cable:  phys-schost-1:qfe1@0 hub1@1        Enabled
  Transport cable:  phys-schost-1:qfe2@0 hub2@1        Enabled
  Transport cable:  phys-schost-2:hme1@0 hub0@2        Enabled
Quorum devices:                                    d2 d8
Quorum device name:                                d2
  Quorum device votes:                             1
  Quorum device enabled:                           yes
  Quorum device name:                              /dev/did/rdsk/d2s2
  Quorum device hosts (enabled):                   phys-schost-1
  Quorum device hosts (disabled): 
Device group name:                                 schost-3
  Device group type:                               SVM
  Device group failback enabled:                   no
  Device group node list:                          phys-schost-3, phys-schost-4
  Diskset name:                                    schost-3