Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Logically Distinct Services Provided by Messaging Server

The Java Enterprise System Messaging Server can be configured to provide separate instances that provide the following logically distinct services:

These various configurations of Messaging Server provide functionality that can be deployed on separate physical servers and can be represented in different tiers of a logical architecture. Because these configurations for Messaging Server represent logically distinct services in separate tiers, consider them as logically distinct components when designing a logical architecture. The section Example Logical Architectures provides an example of logically distinct components.

The following table describes the logically distinct configurations of Messaging Server.

Table 4–2 Messaging Server Configurations



Message Transfer Agent (MTA)

Supports the sending of email by handling SMTP connections, routing emails, and delivering messages to the proper message stores. The MTA components can be configured to support email sent from outside the enterprise (inbound) or sent from within the enterprise (outbound). 

Message Store (STR)

Provides for the retrieval and storage of email messages. 

Message Multiplexor (MMP)

Supports the retrieval of email by accessing the message store for email clients, using either IMAP or POP protocols. 

Messenger Express Multiplexor (MEM)

Supports the retrieval of email by accessing the message store on behalf of web- based (HTTP) clients.