Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Access Components

Java Enterprise System also contains components that provide access to system services, often from outside an enterprise firewall. Some configurations of Messaging Server can also provide network access, such as Messaging Server configured for message multiplexor. The following table describes Java Enterprise System components that provide remote access to system services.

Table 4–3 Java Enterprise System Components Providing Remote Access



Directory Proxy Server

Provides enhanced directory access, schema compatibility, routing, and load balancing for multiple Directory Server instances. 

Portal Server, Portal Server Secure Remote Access

Provides secure Internet access from outside a corporate firewall to Portal Server content and services, including internal portals and Internet applications. 

Portal Server, Portal Server Mobile Access

Provides wireless access from mobile devices and voice access to Portal Server. 

Messaging Server Message Multiplexor (MMP)

Supports the retrieval of email by accessing the message store on behalf of web-based (HTTP) clients. 

Components providing remote access are generally deployed in secures access zones, as illustrated by the example in the section Access Zones.