Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Determine Baseline CPU Estimate for User Entry Points

Begin by estimating the number of CPUs required to handle the expected load on each component that is a user entry point. The following figure shows the logical architecture for an identity-based communications scenario described previously in Identity-Based Communications Example.

Figure 5–1 Logical Architecture for Identity-Based Communications Scenario

Diagram showing logical components for an Identity-based
Communications scenario deployed in a multitiered architecture.

The following table lists the components in the presentation tier of the logical architecture that interface directly with end users of the deployment. The table includes baseline CPU estimates derived from analysis of technical requirements, use cases, specific usage analysis, and past experience with this type of deployment.

Table 5–1 CPU Estimates for Components Containing Access User Entry Points


Number of CPUs 


Portal Server 

Component that is a user entry point. 

Communications Express 

Routes data to Portal Server messaging and calendar channels.