Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Include CPU Estimates for Service Dependencies

The components providing user entry points require support from other Java Enterprise System components. As you continue to specify performance requirements, add the performance estimates required for supporting components. The type of interactions among components should be detailed when designing the logical architecture, as described in the logical architecture examples in the section Example Logical Architectures.

Table 5–2 CPU Estimates for Supporting Components




Messaging Server MTA(inbound) 

Routes incoming mail messages from Communications Express and e-mail clients. 

Messaging Server MTA(outbound) 

Routes outgoing mail messages to recipients. 

Messaging Server MMP

Access Messaging Server message store for email clients. 

Messaging Server STR(Message Store)

Retrieves and stores email messages. 

Access Manager

Provides authorization and authentication services. 

Calendar Server(back-end)

Retrieves and stores calendar data for Communications Express, a Calendar Server front-end. 

Directory Server

Provides LDAP directory services. 

Web Server

Provides web container support for Portal Serverand Access Manager. 

(No additional CPU cycles required.)