Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Listing Physical Destinations

You can get information about a physical destination’s current property values, about the number of producers or consumers associated with a physical destination, and about messaging metrics, such as the number and size of messages in the physical destination.

To find a physical destination about which you want to get information, list all physical destinations on a broker using the list dst subcommand. This is the syntax for the list dst subcommand:

list dst [-t destType] [-tmp]

The command lists physical destinations of the specified type. The value for the destination type (-t) option can be q (queue) or t (topic).

If you omit the destination type, physical destinations of all types are listed.

The list dst subcommand can optionally specify the type of destination to list or include temporary destinations (using the -tmp option). Temporary destinations are created by clients, normally for the purpose of receiving replies to messages sent to other clients.

For example, to get a list of all physical destinations on the broker running on myHost at port 4545, enter the following command:

imqcmd list dst -b myHost:4545

Information for the dead message queue, mq.sys.dmq, is always displayed, in addition to any other physical destinations, unless you specify the destination type t to include only topics.