Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Displaying Information about Physical Destinations

To get information about a physical destination’s current properties, use the query dst subcommand. This is the syntax of the query dst subcommand:

query dst -t destType -n 

The command lists information about the destination of the specified type and name. For example, the following command displays information about the queue destination XQueue:

imqcmd query dst -t q -n XQueue -u admin

The command produces output like the following:

Destination Name    Destination Type
XQueue              Queue

On the broker specified by:

Host         Primary Port
localhost    7676

Destination Name                      XQueue
Destination Type                      Queue
Destination State                     RUNNING
Created Administratively              true

Current Number of Messages            0
Current Total Message Bytes           0
Current Number of Producers           0
Current Number of Active Consumers    0
Current Number of Backup Consumers    0

Max Number of Messages                unlimited (-1)
Max Total Message Bytes               unlimited (-1)
Max Bytes per Message                 unlimited (-1)
Max Number of Producers               100
Max Number of Active Consumers        1
Max Number of Backup Consumers        0

Limit Behavior                        REJECT_NEWEST
Consumer Flow Limit                   1000
Is Local Destination                  false
Local Delivery is Preferred           false
Use Dead Message Queue                true

The output also shows the number of producers and consumers associated with the destination. For queue destinations, the number includes active consumers and backup consumers.

You can use the update dst subcommand to change the value of one or more properties (see Updating Physical Destination Properties).