Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Updating Physical Destination Properties

You can change the properties of a physical destination by using the update dst subcommand and the -o option to specify the property to update. This is the syntax for the update dst subcommand:

update dst -t destType -n 
destName -o property=value [[-o 

The command updates the value of the specified properties at the specified destination. The property name can be any property listed in Table 15–1.

You can use the -o option multiple times to update multiple properties. For example, the following command changes the maxBytesPerMsg property to 1000 and the MaxNumMsgs property to 2000:

imqcmd update dst -t q -n myQueue -o “maxBytesPerMsg=1000”
              -o “maxNumMsgs=2000” -u admin

See Chapter 15, Physical Destination Property Reference for a list of the properties that you can update.

You cannot use the update dst subcommand to update the type of a physical destination or to update the isLocalOnly property.

Note –

The dead message queue is a specialized physical destination whose properties differ somewhat from those of other destinations. For more information, see Using the Dead Message Queue.