Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Command Options

Table 7–2 lists the options to the imqusermgr command.

Table 7–2 imqusermgr Options



-a activeState

Specifies (true/false) whether the user’s state should be active. A value of true means that the state is active. This is the default.


Performs action without user confirmation. 


Displays usage help. Nothing else on the command line is executed. 

-i instanceName

Specifies the broker instance name to which the command applies. If not specified, the default instance name, imqbroker, is assumed.

-p passwd

Specifies the user’s password. 

-g group

Specifies the user group. Valid values are admin, user, anonymous.


Sets silent mode. 

-u userName

Specifies the user name. 


Displays version information. Nothing else on the command line is executed.