Service Registry 3.1 Administration Guide

Identifying Registry Objects

The primary way to identify registry objects is by name. However, you normally identify RegistryPackage objects by the path from the registry root to the RegistryPackage. For example, /registry/userData is the path to the userData RegistryPackage.

Some matches for names support wildcards. Use a question mark (?) to match a single character. Use an asterisk (*) to match zero or more characters.

Some commands (for example, cd and chown) support identifying objects by their Uniform Resource Name (URN), which must include a leading urn:. For example, urn:uuid:2702f889-3ced-4d49-82d1-e4cd846cb9e4 is a valid URN.

The chown and cp commands also support the use of %number to refer to a User listed by a previous users command.

For some commands, you can enter names that contain spaces by enclosing the entire name in double quotes or by preceding each space in the name by a backslash.

The select command supports the use of SQL wildcards: the percent sign (%) to match multiple characters, and the underscore (_) to match a single character.