Service Registry 3.1 Administration Guide

The Effect of Locale on Specifying Names

A RegistryObject (or a RegistryPackage) can have multiple names, each of which is associated with a different locale.

The paths and object names that you specify are evaluated with respect to the current locale only. When you attempt to select by name a registry object that has multiple names, the Registry attempts to match the name that you provide against only one alternative for the registry object’s name (the choice whose locale most closely matches the current locale), not against all the multiple names for the registry object.

For example, suppose the current RegistryPackage has a member object that has two names, each associated with a different locale: red in the en (English) locale and rouge in the fr (French) locale. When the current locale is en, the command ls rouge does not display that member object, but when the locale is fr (or one of its variants), it does.