Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes

Enhancements to Core Services

Web Containers supported

Monitoring Framework Integration

Access Manager can use the Java Enterprise System Monitoring Framework to monitor the following:

  1. Authentication

    • Number of authentications attempted

    • Number of remote authentications attempted (optional)

    • Number of successful authentications

    • Number of failed authentications

    • Number of successful logout operations

    • Number of failed logout operations

    • Transaction time for each module if possible (running and waiting states)

  2. Sessions

    • Size of the session table (hence maximum number of sessions)

    • Number of active sessions (incremental counter)

  3. Profile Service

    • Maximum cache size

    • Transaction time for operations (running and waiting)

  4. Policy

    • Policy evaluation in and out requests

    • Policy connection pool statistics for the subject's plug-in's LDAP server

Authentication module

Policy module

Service Management module

Access Manager SDK

Web Services support

Installation module

Delegation module