Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes

Deprecation Notification and Announcement

Sun Java(TM) System Access Manager 7.1 identity management APIs and XML templates enable system administrators to create, delete, and manage identity entries in Sun Java System Directory Server. Access Manager also provides APIs for identity management. Developers use the public interfaces and classes defined in the package to integrate management functions into external applications or services to be managed by Access Manager. Access Manager APIs provide the means to create or delete identity-related objects as well as to get, modify, add, or delete the objects' attributes from Directory Server.

The Access Manager package, commonly known as AMSDK, will not be included in a future Access Manager release. This includes all related APIs and XML templates. No migration options are available now, and no migration options are expected to be available in the future. The user provisioning solutions provided by Sun Java System Identity Manager are compatible replacements that you can start to use now. For more information about Sun Java System Identity Manager, see