Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Developer's Guide

Example Resource Adapter for Inbound Communication

The inbound sample connector bundled with the Application Server is a good example of an application utilizing the inbound connectivity contract of the J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5 specification. This sample connector is available at install-dir/samples/connectors/apps/mailconnector.

This example connector shows how to create an inbound J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5-compliant resource adapter and deploy its components. It shows how these resource adapters interact with other application components. The inbound sample resource adapter allows message endpoints (that is, message-driven beans) to receive email messages delivered to a specific mailbox folder on a given mail server.

The application that is bundled along with this inbound sample connector provides a simple Remote Method Invocation (RMI) back end service that allows the user to monitor the mailbox folders specified by the message-driven beans. The sample application also contains a sample message-driven bean that illustrates how the activation configuration specification properties of the message-driven bean provide the configuration parameters that the back end and resource adapter require to monitor a specific mailbox folder.

The onMessage method of the message-driven bean uses the JavaMail API to send a reply acknowledging the receipt of the message. This reply is sufficient to verify that the full process is working.