Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Java ES Installation Utilities

The installation utility (installer) is located in the platform directory where you are installing Java ES, for example, /jes5install/Solaris_sparc. You will see a Product directory, a text file called release_info, and the executable installer script. This is the location for invoking the installer unless your installer has been patched.

There is another directory that contains a packaged version of the installer that is used for patching. The patch installation script (install) is located in the following directory along with the Log Viewer utility (viewlog):

If there is a bug in the installer, Sun can fix the installer and create a patch for the installer package. After the patch is applied, the packaged version of the installer should thereafter be used for the release, thus launching the version of the installer that contains the fixes from the patch.

Note –

You only use the patch utility if your deployment is using a patched version of the Java ES installer.

After installation, the Java ES uninstallation utility (uninstall) is located here:

Syntax and examples for the Java ES installation utilities are contained in Appendix B, Installation Commands.