Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Java ES Components Used in This Release

The Java ES software consists of a collection of Sun server-side products and their supporting shared components that work together to support distributed applications across a network. The Java ES 5 release presents the following selectable components, many of which have selectable subcomponents.

Any alternate or abbreviated names used in this guide are in parentheses following the component name and version.

Note –

HP-UX does not support Sun Cluster components, Directory Preparation Tool, HADB, or third-party web containers. Linux does not support Sun Cluster components, and only supports the BEA WebLogic third-party container for Configure Now.

Note –

The Directory Preparation Tool is only used with Communications products, and is included with Directory Server in the Java ES release as a convenience. Information on the Directory Preparation Tool can be found in Chapter 8, Directory Preparation Tool (, in Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide.

To see the full list of services and subcomponents as displayed in the Java ES installer, refer to Appendix A, Java ES Components for This Release. This appendix also lists the shared components that are provided with this release.