Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Install the Software

Before transferring the software to your host, the installer displays the components that you selected. Although shared components are not explicitly listed, they have already been verified and will be installed if they are needed.

  1. Review the components listed and make any necessary changes.

    1. To return to the Choose Software Components page, click the Back button.

      Continue to click Back on successive pages until the Choose Software Components page is again displayed. Make whatever changes are needed.

    2. Click Next to move forward through the installer again.

      You do not need to re-enter previously-entered values. Dependencies are rechecked and the system check is repeated.

  2. Click Next when you are satisfied with the Ready to Install list.

  3. Click Install to begin installing the component packages.

    Note –

    For Linux, do not use the rpm command while the installer is running. For HP-UX, do not use the swlist, swcopy, or swinstall commands. If you use these commands during Java ES installation, the installer might hang.

    During installation, the following occurs:

    • A progress bar displays the overall percentage complete.

    • The names of packages are displayed as they are installed.

    Depending on the size and complexities of your installation, this process can be lengthy.

    Note –

    If you click Cancel at the Progress page, the installer exits after you have confirmed that you want to terminate the installation session.

    If you click Stop while the installation is in progress, the installer rolls back any component packages that have already been installed and presents the Summary page. You are asked to confirm whether you want to terminate the installation session.