Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Before Installing

Before beginning the tasks in the chapter, you should have developed an installation sequence and ensured that any general installation requirements and prerequisites are met. After completing these tasks, you are ready to install.

This section addresses the following topics:

Verifying Prerequisites and Requirements

Refer to Verifying Installation Prerequisites for specific information on prerequisites for this release of Java ES.

You can find system requirements listed in Platform Requirements and Issues in Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Release Notes for UNIX.

Information on some common situation that might affect the order of installation can be found in Table 2–1.

(Optional) Setting Your Local Display for a Remote Host

If you are logging in to a remote host, make sure your DISPLAY environment variable is properly set to the local display. If the DISPLAY variable is not set properly, the installer runs in text-based mode.

You might need to grant display authorization to run the installer on your local display. For example, you can use the following command to grant display authority from myhost to the root user on serverhost:

myhost\> xauth extract - myhost:0.0 | rsh -l root serverhost xauth merge -

For full instructions on granting such authorization safely, refer to the “Manipulating Access to the Server” chapter in the Solaris X Window System Developer's Guide.

Getting the Software

For additional information on getting the Java ES software, refer to Getting the Java ES Software.