Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


The IMProvider includes:

The information is gathered by accessing the Instant Messaging server through the use of the Instant Messaging APIs.

The list of properties specific to IMProvider and their description are:


Specifies the name of instant messaging multiplexor to use (used by IM client.)


Specifies the port on which the instant messaging multiplexor listens.


Specifies where to find the instant messaging client.


Specifies where to find the instant messaging client when using the netlet. By default, the value is IM.


Specifies how the Instant Messaging server client must be run. The client can be run as either a plugin or jnlp. By default, the value is plugin.


Specifies the authentication method. Clients can authenticate either via idsvr (for Sun Java System Access Manager) or ldap. By default, the value is idsvr.


Specifies the LDAP attribute where instant messaging username is found. By default, the value is uid.


Specifies the username for LDAP authentication. This is not applicable if authMethod is set to idsvr.


Specifies the password for LDAP authentication. This is not applicable if authMethod is set to idsvr.


Specifies the contact group to display, or blank for all.


LoginProvider enables the Login channel to show up in the anonymous user’s Desktop. You can configure LoginProvider to enable users to log in and out using the Login channel. The system administrator can select one out of the three methods to enable users to log in: LDAP, Membership, or UNIX.

For the sample portal, if you specify the following URL in a browser, you see the authlessanonymous user’s Desktop, which contains the login channel.


By default, LoginProvider uses Membership authentication. No additional setup is required to use this channel. From the authlessanonymous user page, valid users can use the login channel, and new users can register using the Sign me up link in the channel. You can change the authentication module for the login channel.

The properties, which are specific to the LoginProvider and their description are:

Boolean name="persistentCookie"

Specifies if a persistent cookie is used to remember the user ID and password.

Boolean name="federationEnabled"

If set to true, the libertyLogin.Template is inserted.

String name="preLoginURL"

The value specified in the channel. This property is typically of the form: