Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


NotesProvider enables the administrator or users the administrator has authorized to post a note to all users’ Desktops in the Notes channel.

The list of properties specific to NotesProvider and their description are:

String name="location"

Specifies the path to the text file, which contains the notes, in the file system.

String name="lines"

Specifies the number of lines of notes that is displayed in the channel.

String name="maxLines"

Specifies the maximum number of lines that can be displayed in the channel.

Integer name="timeout"

Specifies the time zone of the time stamp at which the notes were logged, either as an abbreviation such as PST, a full name such as America/Los_Angeles, or a custom ID such as GMT-8:00. Support of abbreviations is for JDK™ 1.1.x compatibility only and full names should be used.

Notes are stored and read in a text file in the following format:

userid | date | message

where | is the delimiter and date is the long value that denotes the time elapsed in milliseconds since January 1, 1970.

Example of a sample notes file:

User1|1007159465858|Message to Portal Desktop Team : Lets meet today at 2PM
User2|1007159465858|Information related to project is availble at home page