Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


SimpleWebServiceConfigurableProvider is similar to SimpleWebServiceProvider, except that it permits users to use the Edit function to change URLs and methods, hence, it is configurable.

The list of properties specific to SimpleWebServiceConfigurableProvider and their description are:

String name="wsdlURL"

Specifies the URL to web service WSDL.

String name="methodName"

Specifies the web service method name that is going to be executed.

Boolean name="isDefaultShowOutput"

Specifies the default value. If true, the channel uses the default input value. If false, the channel uses the user input value.

String name="contentPage"

Specifies the JSP that is used to generate the channel content (by using the getContent() method).

String name="editPage"

Specifies the JSP that is used to generate the Edit page content (by using the getEdit() method).

Boolean name="showExceptions"

If true, makes SimpleWebServiceConfigurableProvider show exceptions generated while processing the JSP as the channel output for the getContent() and getEdit() methods. This can be useful for developing and troubleshooting your portal.

Boolean name="isDefaultAvailable"

If true, the default value is available from the profile database.

Collection name="defaultInput"

Specifies the default input value.