Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


The JSPTableContainer provides a JSP-based table Desktop.

Sample Desktop

Default Layout

By default, the sample portal Desktop based on the JSPTableContainer (see Figure 38–3) contains the following channels:

Figure 37–3 Sample Desktop Based on JSPTableContainer

Sample Desktop Based on JSPTableContainer

Default Actions

The sample JSPTableContainer channel, by default, includes:

Default Display Profile Settings

The provider responsible for generating the JSPTableContainer channel is JSPTableContainerProvider. The provider profile is the template which decides the properties for a container channel, but the container channel profile will ultimately decide the values for the container channel attributes. The default properties that make up JSPTableContainer work as follows:


Set to toptable.jsp. This draws the Content Page for the table container.


This collection defines the categories under which the available channels in the JSPTabContainer will be grouped in the Content page. Here there are three categories: Personal Channels, Sample Channels, and News Channels.


This collection and values that appear in this collection, contain the row number value for channels in this container. For example, the mail check channel is defined as row 4.


This collection defines a collection to contain the isRemovable value for channels in this container. Only one channel, user information, is defined, with a value of false, so that it cannot be removed.


This list describes all available channels for this container. The available channels are displayed in the content preference page for users to select from.


This list describes selected channels for this container. Only selected channels shows up in the Desktop.

JSPTableContainer Architecture

Figure 38–4 shows the JSPTableContainer architecture. In this figure, toptable.jsp is the top-level JSP file. The toptable.jsp file makes include calls to the header.jsp, launchPopup.jsp, leafWrapper.jsp, and menubar.jsp files.

Figure 37–4 JSPTableContainer Architecture

JSPTableContainer Architecture

JSP Files Used by JSPTableContainer

The Portal Server 7.1 uses JSP files for a channel’s presentation layer. JSPTableContainer references one main JSP, toptable.jsp, through the contentPage property.

Content template is responsible for the front page of the container channel and the file name for the tab container channel is toptable.jsp. The toptable.jsp file extensively uses the Desktop taglibs.