Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Glossary of Terms

The following table provides description of where the theme attributes are actually used in the desktop.

Table 40–1 Glossary of Terms




The banner area at the top of the portal page. Contains the branding  

and the global links. 

Bullet graphics 

The “dot” graphics that go next to the global links in the header 

Logo, product name, link 

The three areas in the header for the Sun theme 


The narrow banner at the bottom of the portal page. Contains the global links 

Tab notch 

The graphic that goes in the upper left corner of the tab table cells 

Selected tab 

The tab whose contents are displayed 

Unselected tab 

The other tabs whose contents are not seen 

Content/layout bar 

The tool bar underneath the tabs that contains the content and layout links 


The data containers displayed inside each tab 

Page piping 

The narrow bands of color at the top and bottom of the portal page 

Table background 

The areas the channels sit in 

Highlight color for channel content 

A contrasting color for tables inside channels 

Secondary channel title bar 

An extra color bar beneath the standard channel title bar 

Link separator 

A pipe used between links in the content/layout bar