Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


JESMF is a Java Enterprise System (JES) common component that provides a single view of all the elements that compromise the JES stack. JESMF aims to simplify business by providing a single, consistent, qualified (Information relating to each component product is always equivalent. For example, a state of DEGRADED has the same meaning for every component product), relational (all the components in the monitored stack are interrelated) , and actionable (rather than simply regularly polling different monitored components to obtain information about them, it is sent by the component products only when action is required) service-oriented monitoring model for all JES components thereby providing information about the performance and status of the various JES component products in the stack.

JESMF follows a Common Information Model (CIM) - based monitoring model, improves usability, and adds support for existing CP metrics, and SNMP exposure of well known MIBs. It also implements Lockhart based JES Monitoring Console (JESMC) application on top of the infrastructure software that allows users to view monitored data.