Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


JES Monitoring Console helps visualizing JES component products monitored data exposed by JESMF. JESMC provides JES end users with a clear view of how their JES stack is performing and to provide them the means to take action appropriately. The data collected by JESMF is made available to such industry standard management applications as HP Open View, Tivoli or Solaris Management Agent.

The JESMC is a Lockhart based GUI. When the Monitoring Console and Lockhart are installed on your system, you can view the console by entering the following URL into the browser:

https://host_name:6789 where the host_name represents the name or IP address of the machine on which Lockhart and JESMF are running. Port number 6789 is the officially registered port reserved for Lockhart.

The Monitoring Console exposes the following through various data views:

The JESMC operates within real-time (given the inherent refresh restrictions of a browser). As a host is added to the scope of the console, installed and running JES component products are automatically discovered. As Component Products are discovered, the monitored objects that represent these products are visualized within the console. When the user refreshes the browser, the current JES installation and associated statistics are reflected in the console.

The Monitoring Console allows the user to set threshold values on any monitored object by creating a Monitoring Rule. An alarm is generated when a threshold value is crossed.

The JESMC is not a management console. No administrative commands, other than creating monitoring rules are possible.

In particular, the Console does not:

The Monitoring Console is composed of two elements:

Users expect JES to deliver an integrated management and monitoring system, which deliver the services they need in a reliable and predictable manner. The JESMF is a major step toward achieving this.

The benefits expected from JESMF architecture are:

For more information JESMF and JESMC, refer the Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide in