Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 2006Q4 Release Notes

Neither geoadm start Nor geoadm stop Functions Properly When Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Resources are in the STOP_FAILED State (6446765)

Problem Summary: It is possible that certain unusual configuration errors might leave the cluster in a state where the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition framework can neither be started (geoadm start) nor cleanly stopped (geoadm stop).

Workaround: It is most likely that a Sun Cluster Geographic Edition infrastructure resource is in the STOP_FAILED state. To clear the STOP_FAILED state, take the following actions:

  1. Use the scstat -g command to determine which resources and resource groups are affected.

  2. Clear the STOP_FAILED flag for all resources and resource groups that are in the STOP_FAILED state by using the following command for each:

    # scswitch -c -j resource —h nodename -f STOP_FAILED
  3. Manually stop the application that failed to stop.

    For example, if an ora lsnr failed to stop, then stop it fully. Ignore this step if the affected resources are Sun Cluster Geographic Edition infrastructure only.

  4. If necessary, stop the resource groups.

    • If a resource failed to stop during a resource-group stop, then the resource group remains in the STOP_FAILED state and you must stop it by using the following command:

      # scswitch -F -g resourcegroup
    • If the resources failed to stop during a restart of the resource or while the resource was being disabled, ignore this step.

  5. Retry the geoadm stop command.