Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 2006Q4 Release Notes

geopg get Reports a Failure And Also Reports That Replication Did Occur (6456555)

Problem Summary: The geopg get command sometimes reports a failure even though replication was successful. When replicating a protection group from the partner cluster, geopg get failed with the following message:

# geopg get -s partnershipname protectiongroupname 
Operation failed for the following protection groups:
    Permission denied: configuration is locked by cluster clustername.
    Retry the operation after a while.
    Protection group protectiongroupname has been replicated from 
        the partner cluster clustername, but validation failed.

In some cases, geoadm status also reports the synchronization status of the protection group in Error.

If you issue the geopg get command again, it is rejected because the protection group has already be replicated on the local cluster.

Workaround: Resynchronize the protection group with the partner cluster by using the following command:

# geopg update protectiongroupname

Then revalidate the protection group by using the following command:

# geopg validate protectiongroupname