Sun Java System Portal Server Mobile Access 7.1 Administration Guide

Using a Voice Service Provider

If your Portal Server software is accessible from the Internet, the simplest option is to use a voice application service provider, or a voice hosting service. The service provider runs the voice server and provides a phone number for calling your Portal Server software.

To enable voice service provider access, perform the following steps:

ProcedureTo Enable Voice Service Provider Access:

  1. Install Sun Java System Portal Server Mobile Access software, and make sure the system is accessible from the Internet. You may need to open your firewall to HTTP traffic for the port assigned to Portal Server software web interface.

  2. Identify a voice service provider that uses the Nuance Voice Platform. The platform must use the VoiceXML browser in the Nuance Voice Web Server, not just the core Nuance recognition platform. Contact Nuance for a complete list of voice service providers that support the Nuance Voice Platform.

  3. Create an account with your voice service provider, and specify the HTTP URL of your Portal Server software. The service provider will assign a phone number and possibly a PIN for each service that you create. Most voice service providers allow the creation of evaluation accounts.