Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Release Notes

Administration Server and Console

Administration Server and the Java Swing-based Console used for remote graphical administration of Identity Synchronization for Windows may be replaced in a future release. Directory Service Control Center has been implemented to allow full browser-based service management, with easier configuration for access through a firewall.

Note –

Directory Proxy Server and Directory Server already use Directory Service Control Center. Directory Proxy Server and Directory Server no longer use the serverroot architecture, but instead the new administration framework.

As a result, the following commands may not be included in a future release, even for Identity Synchronization for Windows:

In addition, everything in o=NetscapeRoot, may change. In particular, o=NetscapeRoot might no longer be present. The serverroot architecture may be replaced by the new administration framework.

Furthermore, Directory Server chaining cannot be configured through Directory Service Control Center.