Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Release Notes

Platform Support

In a future release of Directory Server Enterprise Edition, support for Windows 2000, Red Hat Advanced Server 3.0, and J2SE platform 1.4 may be removed. Support for 32–bit versions of the software might be discontinued for some platforms. To be prepared, start planning the transition to newer versions of Windows, Red Hat, and the Java SE platform and to 64–bit versions of the software.

Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 does not support HP-UX. But the future version of the product is planned to support HP-UX.

Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 also supports SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Service Pack 3 but only for zip distribution.

System Virtualization Support

System virtualization is a technology that enables multiple operating system (OS) instances to execute independently on shared hardware. Functionally, software deployed to an OS hosted in a virtualized environment is generally unaware that the underlying platform has been virtualized. Sun performs testing of its Sun Java System products on select system virtualization and OS combinations to help validate that the Sun Java System products continue to function on properly sized and configured virtualized environments as they do on non-virtualized systems. For information about Sun support for Sun Java System products in virtualized environments, see